Advancing ad performance through AI-powered technologies

Our proprietary optimization platform harnesses the power of AI to extend your advertising budgets and deliver precision-targeted ads to the right audience at the right time—resulting in a convergence of unparalleled efficacy rooted in data science and operational efficiency.

Rule-based automation

Optimize and boost top-performing organic content and rotate ad creatives with automated adjustments powered by our proprietary AI rules engine.

Real-time local advertising

Build hyper-targeted campaigns to reach local audiences and trigger ad creative in real time based on local weather and sporting events data.

Cross-platform optimization

Drive campaign performance by optimizing advertising sets and media spend across the leading social media platforms.

Campaign safety rules

Increase efficiencies, eliminate spend errors and activate non-linear campaign pacing by enabling rule-based account-level safety nets.

Case Studies

Demonstrating success through client stories

We shape our solutions to meet your goals. Check out what we’ve built for our clients.

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Domain Group & BOWERBIRD Interiors

Brand Networks worked with Domain Group to monetize their data and share social audiences with BOWERBIRD Interiors through Audience Exchange.


Brand Networks worked with Twitter in the revival of two of the application’s most popular ad features to drive conversations.


Empowering authentic connections for Walmart associates and their communities.

American Express

Helping American Express drive online conversations and increase engagement with their small business community.

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