Advertising Optimization

Advancing ad performance through AI automation & media expertise

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Maximize reach & paid media efficacy

through data-driven strategies & technologies

To reach your ideal audience at the right time, our proprietary technology leverages advanced AI automation to implement precision-targeted strategies across the leading social platforms. Our data-driven approach to advertising optimization is bolstered by our media expertise to catalyze a significant transformation in ad performance.

Rule-based automation

Boost top-performing organic content and rotate ad creatives, adapting to the diverse priorities, passions and perspectives of your audience via real-time automation.

Real-time local advertising

Build hyper-targeted campaigns that reach local audiences faster and trigger the distribution of relevant ad creatives based on local weather and sporting events data.

Cross-platform optimization

Increase campaign performance and improve advertising lifecycles by optimizing advertising sets and media spend to adapt to all social media platform parameters.

Campaign safety rules

Increase efficiencies, eliminate spending errors and activate non-linear campaign pacing by enabling rule-based account-level safety nets that maximize your ROI.

Data-driven Growth

Driving Strategic Social Success

Harnessing our deep expertise in social – our commitment to data-driven strategy drives the delivery of tailored solutions and seamless execution. With a proven approach to paid media fueled by meticulous processes, your brand thrives with a commanding presence across all major social platforms.

Flexibile & Adaptable

Our SME Approach

Centered around the principles of strategy, data measurement and proficient execution, our SME approach is designed to drive your paid social marketing campaigns towards peak performance and success.

Strategic Prowess

We initiate a comprehensive growth strategy to align your business objectives with our platform knowledge to drive budget recommendations, audience targeting and creative guidance that achieves your KPIs and broader business goals.

Measurable Success

Our reporting and dashboards provide actionable insights for optimizing both current and future campaigns, underscoring our commitment to measurable results through our tailored dashboards.

Execution Excellence

Excelling in efficient execution, we guarantee campaign quality and brand safety through meticulous monitoring of pacing and performance, all while being supported by rigorous reporting to achieve campaign KPIs.

Multi-Platform Proficiency

Maximizing Visibility & Engagement

Specializing in the delivery of top-notch paid media strategies across a variety of advertising platforms, we ensure maximum brand visibility and engagement.

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What our clients have to say

  • “We love our BN team–They have given us stability, experience and enthusiasm for 9 years of our business.”

    –Sr. Media Director, Entertainment
  • “The BN media team is knowledgeable about their craft, communicative and enjoyable to work with. We have had such a positive experience working with BN that we set up another region we work with to funnel support through BN.”

    –Sr. Manager, Social Strategy and Operations, EI
  • “The BN team is efficient and experts in their field.”

    –Digital Marketing Manager, Publishing

Frequently asked questions

What is Advertising Optimization, and how does it enhance ad performance?

Advertising optimization is the process of improving the effectiveness of ads through the use of AI automation and our media expertise. We leverage advanced AI technology to implement precision-targeted strategies, leading to significant enhancements in ad performance. Our full services element of media strategy and media planning is an integral part of this process, guiding the execution and optimization of your advertising efforts for maximum impact.

How does cross-platform optimization work, and why is it important?

Cross-platform optimization involves intelligently shifting your campaign budget across social platforms based on overall campaign performance or performance to your platform benchmarks. This approach manages multi-channel campaigns effortlessly increasing the overarching performance of your initiative and efficiency of your campaigns running across multiple social platforms.

How does BN’s approach differ from other advertising optimization services?

With a dedicated 20-year focus on paid social, we stand out by our SME approach of Strategic Prowess, Measurable Success and Execution Excellence. Our holistic strategy, customized reporting and AI-driven technology guarantee streamlined campaign execution and a dominant presence across social platforms. Our extensive experience in paid social media advertising ensures your brand's advertising efforts are in the hands of seasoned professionals.

What are campaign safety rules, and how do they benefit our clients?

Campaign safety rules are rule-based account-level safety nets that help increase efficiencies, eliminate spending errors, and activate non-linear campaign pacing. These rules maximize return on investment (ROI) and ensure that ad campaigns run smoothly.


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