Advertising Optimization

Advancing ad performance through AI automation & media expertise

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Maximize reach and paid media efficacy through data-driven strategies and technologies

To reach your ideal audience at the right time, our proprietary technology leverages advanced AI automation to implement precision-targeted strategies across the leading social platforms. Our data-driven approach to advertising optimization is bolstered by our media expertise to catalyze a significant transformation in ad performance.

Rule-based automation

Boost top-performing organic content and rotate ad creatives, adapting to the diverse priorities, passions and perspectives of your audience via real-time automation.

Real-time local advertising

Build hyper-targeted campaigns that reach local audiences faster and trigger the distribution of relevant ad creatives based on local weather and sporting events data.

Cross-platform optimization

Increase campaign performance and improve advertising lifecycles by optimizing advertising sets and media spend to adapt to all social media platform parameters.

Campaign safety rules

Increase efficiencies, eliminate spending errors and activate non-linear campaign pacing by enabling rule-based account-level safety nets that maximize your ROI.


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