Case Studies

1 Event, 3 Strategies: March Madness on Facebook

Ten days ago we wrote a post about two March Madness advertisers and their different approaches to reaching their audiences using the basketball tournament. This week, we feature three more advertisers that… Read More

A Tale of Two Strategies: March Madness 2015 On Twitter

March Madness may have ended a few weeks ago (Congrats to Duke!) but it is still very much a part of many marketers’ lives. This year’s batch of March Madness advertisers included the likes of AT&T, Coca Cola, Capital One, and Unilever among ... Read More

Data-driven Tweets Score Big During the 2014 World Cup

  The 2014 World Cup has the Twitterverse buzzing, with people from all corners of the globe taking to their smartphones to cheer, jeer, and everything in between. While the high volume of users and tweets surrounding the matches are great news for brands, pushing messages through this escalated clutter is no easy task for advertisers.    Luckily, we've developed Open Signals, a technology that can sync Promoted Tweets with just about any real-time 1st or 3rd party data-feed. For World Cup advertisers, this translates to automatically promoting tweets based on scores, penalty kicks, shots on g Read More

Brand Networks Teams Up With Civolution and Resolution Media Partners to Deliver 250% Campaign Lift for TV-Synced Ads on Twitter

    We’re excited to present our latest case study with Civolution, the leading provider of technology and solutions for identifying, managing and monetizing content. Together, we’re teaming up to help brands and agencies buy Twitter ads in complete synchronization with TV commercials.   Most recently, Brand Networks and Civolution worked with Resolution Media, Omnicom Media Group's global search and social performance agency, to promote the release of a summer blockbuster movie for one of Resolution Media's marquee clients.   Through the use of Civolution's ad-triggering service, SyncNow, and Read More

Travel Brand’s Results Take Off with 235,000+ Engagements

This past weekend marked the first official holiday of the summer, and with it the unofficial kick-off of the summer travel season. It was predicted that over 36 million people across the US would travel over the Memorial Day Holiday weekend – the second highest total number of travelers since 2000. If this is any indication of what’s to come, this summer is going to be a busy season for airlines, hotels, and destination hotspots.It’s not too much of a surprise that consumers are ready to start spending on travel again, considering the increase in disposable income and improved consumer confidence. Over the course of the summer, there will be about 210 million passengers on US airlines and another 30 million that will fly internationally. Americans are also expected to increase their travel by car, with 84% of consumers saying they will drive for a summer vacation. Knowing that both long-distance and local travel will be strong this summer, it’s important to have a well-prepared social media strategy. In an effort to make that process more effective, SHIFT wants to help by using one of our client’s recent travel campaigns – with an engagement rate 34% higher than the benchmark average – as an example of how to efficiently reach and engage the right users. Read More

Sports Score Synced Ads Yield Higher CTR on Facebook and Twitter

    While you may have had your money on Kansas going all the way in March Madness this year, we've been hedging our bets on a different type of match-up: data-synced social media ads.    Using our Open Signals Ad Platform, and real-time score data from SportsData, our team was able to score a slam-dunk with real-time advertising on Facebook and Twitter. Using a variety of March Madness match-ups, we tested the performance of Facebook and Twitter ads that triggered when "Cinderella" teams took the lead in their respective games.    The results? Nothing but net - higher net CTR that i Read More