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Beyond likes & shares: 5 essential strategies for your EMPLOYEE advocacy program 

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In the age of social media, the quest for clicks and shares dominates digital strategies. But in a landscape saturated with content, it’s more crucial than ever to forge deeper connections—especially through your most trusted ambassadors: your employees. 

Employee advocacy transcends the superficial metrics of likes and shares, building meaningful relationships that benefit your brand and empower your workforce. 

The impact of amplifying employee voices: 

  • Enhanced brand authenticity: A Sprout Social report found that 92% of consumers trust recommendations from employees over CEOs. Your employees bring a unique perspective, fostering genuine connections with customers and humanizing your brand. 
  • Increased reach and engagement: Edelman reports that employees have an average of 1,267 connections on social media, providing unparalleled organic reach for your brand message. Additionally, employee content is 7x more likely to be shared than your company’s own content, according to the Socialbakers. 
  • Improved talent acquisition and retention: A study by LinkedIn revealed that 70% of job seekers are more likely to apply to a company with an active employee advocacy program. Employees who feel connected to their company’s mission and values are also more likely to stay, reducing turnover and recruitment costs. 

How do you ignite this powerful potential? Here are 5 key strategies: 

  1. Empower your employees: Provide training and resources on social media best practices, brand guidelines and effective communication skills. Equip them with the tools and confidence to be credible brand advocates. 
  1. Encourage authentic participation: Don’t expect employees to be robotic cheerleaders. Foster open discussion, allowing them to express their genuine opinions and engage in relevant conversations beyond just company content. 
  1. Facilitate community involvement: Encourage employees to participate in online communities related to your industry or target audience. Answering questions, sharing insights and offering support builds trust and positions your brand as a thought leader. 
  1. Leverage social listening tools: Track online conversations and identify opportunities for employee involvement. Encourage them to address customer concerns, provide helpful information and build relationships with potential clients. 
  1. Recognize and reward participation: Celebrate employee success through social media shoutouts, internal recognition programs, or even gamified incentives. This approach fuels continued engagement and motivates other employees to join the advocacy movement. 

Employee advocacy is not about chasing vanity metrics—it’s about building genuine connections, amplifying your brand message through authentic voices and creating a community where employees and customers thrive. Unlock the power of employee advocacy and watch your brand soar beyond the likes and shares—inspiring more meaningful relationships and lasting impact. 

By implementing these strategies and nurturing your employee voices, you can transform your online presence from a collection of posts to a vibrant community fueled by meaningful connections and authentic advocacy. 

Ready to turn your employees into brand champions? 

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