Frank Maldarelli

Chief Financial Officer

Frank is a financial virtuoso, skillfully at the helm of the Finance team. With a remarkable track record spanning over two decades in finance roles, Frank consistently demonstrates a profound financial acumen, offering invaluable strategic insights that steer the company toward sound business decisions. Among his colleagues, Frank is affectionately known as the “Michelangelo of spreadsheets” thanks to his masterful data presentation skills. 

Prior to his distinguished tenure at BN, an Augeo company, Frank lent his expertise to several tech startups, including ClickSquared and AppNeta. In these roles, he played a pivotal part in the metamorphosis of the Finance team into a value-added asset for the organizations. Frank holds a double major in Political Science and International Relations, a testament to his diverse skill set, from Boston University. 

Outside the confines of the office, Frank relishes cherished moments with his wife and two daughters at their warm and welcoming home in Belmont, MA.