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We are pioneers in AI-driven social technologies that revolutionize global audience engagement—empowering organizations to deliver unrivaled brand experiences through authentic, scalable solutions that define the social landscape through technology innovation.

Social Activation Engine

Brand Advocate

Advance and accelerate your content strategy by harnessing the passion of your brand enthusiasts, enabling them to create authentic, compelling and brand-safe content at scale. Our integrated AI-powered safety technology automates the protection of your brand reputation.

Advertising Optimization

Optimize campaign performance and media spend across the leading social channels. Our proprietary optimization platform and media experts harness the power of AI to extend your advertising budgets and deliver precision-targeted ads to the right audience at the right time.

Data Collaboration

Elevate consumer experiences and boost social engagement through secure and compliant clean room data technologies that enable brands to share and capitalize on valuable data sets—monetizing first-party data to activate audiences while maximizing privacy and control.

Integrate & automate faster

Advanced AI Integrations

Content creation

Ignite content creation at scale through the power of generative AI—embracing a new era of unparalleled innovation and human potential characterized by boundless creativity and efficiency.


Maintain brand compliance, adhere to regulatory requirements and prevent the release of unauthorized content from impacting your reputation with our proprietary content review system.

Open Signals

Supercharge advertising strategies with our global-leading AI rules engine that optimizes organic content in real time, refreshing dynamic ad creatives to build and strengthen social engagement.

Powering Social Transformation

Trusted partner of global brands

  • Aetna
  • American Express
  • Domain
  • General Motors
  • Group M
  • IPG
  • L'Oréal
  • Sony
  • The TJX Companies
  • T-Mobile
  • Visit Florida
  • Walmart
  • X (Twitter)


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