Augeo acquires Brand Networks

The combination of Brand Networks with Augeo delivers powerful social
activation platform solutions that complement Augeo’s engagement technology systems. Brands leverage our social activation solutions to foster advocacy, deploy custom media services, and optimize people data, fueling safe and compliant data collaborations through privacy-centric clean rooms.

Our solutions go beyond social platform capabilities

We don’t just take a one-size-fits-all approach. By leveraging our advanced proprietary technologies, in-house engineers, and breadth of media expertise we craft solutions that are unique to you.

Our Solutions

Media Services

Paid media services supported by technology to optimize your social advertising investments



Automation and optimization for social media advertising


Tech Services

Enterprise capabilities built on top of pre-existing social tech stacks customized to your needs

Creator Communities

Empower employees to become trusted brand advocates

Audience Exchange

Build and grow profitable audiences for activation across social channels

Brands that trust
BN for results



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