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Transforming brands through social activation​

Brand Networks, an Augeo company is a social media marketing pioneer that provides global enterprises with scalable solutions through our proprietary social activation technology. We enable organizations to create more targeted and personalized consumer-brand experiences across the leading social platforms.

Revolutionizing the way brands interact with their audience

Through thoughtful and transformative strategies, we empower brands to revolutionize their current social landscape by creating new connections with consumers, increasing audience engagement through AI empowered social optimization and arming your revenue streams with safe and secure audience data.


Empower authentic employee advocacy to inspire consumers through hyper-relevant and brand-safe content at scale.


Share and monetize your first-party data to access valuable audiences and create more compelling consumer experiences.


Advance your advertising performance across the leading social platforms with proprietary AI-powered optimization technology.

Partner to top brands

Zachary Lones

Brand Networks sets the bar for how I measure all other partners at Walmart.

Zachary Lones
Director of Marketing, Social Media

Meagan Chiamardas

Our Brand Networks managed media services team understands the nuances of our business, and they know how to help us achieve the performance we need to move the needle on our goals. Over the past few years, BN has become an extension of our team.

Meagan Chiamardas
Brand Director

Melina Cruickshank

With the help of Brand Networks and their programmatic social advertising capabilities, Facebook advertising has become a critical piece of our marketing funnel.

Melina Cruickshank
Group Director, Content and Audience

Strategic partnerships
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