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Employee voices amplified: celebrating advocacy’s impact on brand & talent 

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Imagine your company’s biggest fans aren’t celebrities or influencers, but your employees. That’s the power of employee advocacy—inspiring your most passionate people to become brand champions, amplifying your message and building trust with potential customers. 

Employee advocacy benefits extend beyond brand awareness

Did you know that large companies with a culture of recognition save an astonishing $16.1 million in annual turnover costs?1 That’s why so many top organizations worldwide are turning to dedicated employee experience platforms to elevate their engagement strategy and amplify the benefits of Employee Appreciation Day to every day of the year. 

To bolster that approach, companies are investing in proven employee advocacy programs that strengthen brand reputation and significantly increase profitability. When employees are happy, engaged, and valued, they are more likely to be productive and loyal to their company. 

A thriving employee advocacy program goes beyond cost savings to help you attract top talent. When your employees consistently share positive experiences and showcase your company culture with their networks, it builds powerful employer branding. Your company becomes more transparent and appealing to potential hires seeking a workplace that fosters appreciation, empowers individuals and builds a strong community. 

Your employees are already your biggest brand champions

Employees have firsthand experience with your company. When you empower them to share their positive experiences, you gain a network of authentic, influential voices advocating for your brand. This isn’t just marketing hype; studies show the real impact: 

76% of consumers trust recommendations from employees more than traditional advertising2

Brand engagement increases by 22% when employees share company content3

Transforming passive brand enthusiasts into active advocates 

Inspiring employee advocacy across your company requires more than a single day or week of appreciation. Here’s how to cultivate a culture that fosters employee advocacy: 

  1. Foster a foundation of appreciation: It all starts with authentic, ongoing recognition. Go beyond generic praise and acknowledge individual contributions, big and small. Celebrate milestones, achievements and team wins to show your people they’re seen and valued. 
  2. Provide the tools and platform: Don’t let enthusiasm fizzle out because of technical hurdles. Equip your employees with user-friendly tools that make sharing company content and insights on social media seamless and safe. 
  3. Empower, don’t dictate: Trust employee voices. Encourage them to share their authentic experiences and perspectives, allowing for individuality and local relevance. Let their passion shine through! 
  4. Partner with your people: Advocacy should be a collaborative journey. Work with your employees to co-create content, address concerns and ensure brand alignment. Remember, it’s their voice that makes the advocacy powerful. 
  5. Celebrate and amplify: Recognize and celebrate your employees’ advocacy efforts. Publicly thank them for sharing their stories and highlight their contributions. This approach reinforces the value of advocacy and inspires others to join the movement. 

Build a culture of continuous appreciation and empowerment

With the right strategies and technologies, you can unlock the incredible potential of employee advocacy—enabling your team to become your strongest marketing force that shares positive experiences, attracts talent and strengthens your community. 

Remember, employee appreciation is so bigger than a single day or week of recognition—it’s a journey toward a thriving, empowered workforce that operates as your biggest champion, every day. 

Let’s move beyond Employee Appreciation Day and unlock the true power of our employee advocates!

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