Get the Most From Your TV-Synced Social Advertising

When Brand Networks pioneered TV-synced social advertising in 2013 with our Open Signals technology, our mission was to help digital advertisers deliver integrated, real-time, multi-touch campaigns combining the first and second… Read More

What Pinterest Has That No Other Platform Offers: Future-Planning Consumers

When I was starting my career in marketing, I cut my teeth on the agency side, not in the world of marketing technology I live in now. To start a project, the creative directors I worked with were fond of “mood-boarding,” which meant assembling a set of images and pieces of text that felt appropriately thematic... Read More

Time to Get Moving: Future of Social Content Anything but Static

The social media landscape is shifting — and, by shifting, I mean moving. Assuming you’re one of the 2 billion-or-so people eMarketer is now estimating will visit Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or another social media site this year, you’ve likely seen something that didn’t exist just a few years ago... Read More