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BeReal: 5 Ways brands can incorporate the app into their social strategy

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Launched in 2020 and marketed as a “real” app prioritizing raw, unedited content, BeReal has achieved almost 10 million subscribers by providing an alternative to the highly curated content often seen on TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat. In response, the old standbys are working to quickly evolve their product in an effort to keep up – Instagram has been prototyping the “IG-Candid” feature, and Snapchat has introduced a new “dual-camera” option in an effort to edge out the competition.

Despite all this, BeReal captures audiences in a way that its predecessors can’t. The app is a non-commercial social media platform that encourages people to show their true selves. The app asks users to upload one post per day to provide a more authentic view of life for them and their friends. These photo prompts appear seemingly at random, and users have to send posts within two minutes of receiving the notification.

Brands are leveraging the platform to drive authenticity

While BeReal does not allow paid advertisements on its platform, companies have already succeeded in bypassing this rule with unedited, casual content within the app’s guidelines. Chipotle posted a picture of its signature brown takeout bag, with a discount offer written on the front, and PacSun, a popular retail store, posted a photo of three girls leaning against a brick wall wearing the store’s branded products.

These “ads”, unlike the campaigns that organizations run on other social media platforms, are helping brands get their names out there in unique, refreshing ways. Considering BeReal’s large following, it’s only practical for other marketers to follow in their footsteps and take the time to build marketing strategies around this new social media platform.

Here are a few social media strategies that can help your organization find and attract a new wave of consumers.

  1. Support environmental causes – and show what your company does to follow through
    A large issue in the world today is sustainability. Consider sharing images that encourage people to recycle their trash or become more serious about waste management and show how your employees are doing the same. This kind of messaging not only helps spread awareness but can also help consumers develop a positive attitude toward your brand.
  2. Post more behind-the-scenes content
    Audiences love to see what’s happening behind the camera. The younger audiences especially often call for humor and honesty from brands. Marketers can use BeReal to give consumers exclusive behind-the-scenes content that makes unedited and raw shots look cool, on-trend, and, most importantly, authentic.
  3. Keep it simple
    The whole point of BeReal is just that, being real. While this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put any effort into the photos beforehand, it is best to keep everything as uncomplicated as possible. The more straightforward an image is, the better and more prepared you’ll be when sharing your content.
  4. Embrace inclusivity
    BeReal is a product of Gen Z and younger consumers’ interests and initiatives. That’s why it’s crucial, especially as a brand, to share photos that support and include all ethnicities and genders.
  5. Promote your brand with employee-generated content
    Encourage your employee brand influencers to build up their accounts and create local communities. This can be as simple as sharing when your organization is hosting a local event or sharing casual, authentic moments during their workday and personal lives. When consumers feel like they can connect with them, they feel like they can connect with your brand.

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