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Brand Networks Builds Store-level Business Presence on Snapchat

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ROCHESTER, N.Y., June 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/—Today, media solution provider Brand Networks announces the expansion of Snapchat’s API capabilities to enable a business presence on the popular social channel at a multi location retailer’s store level. By leveraging existing partnerships and direct integrations, Brand Networks has built a technology solution that enables a brand to develop Snap content that is automatically published as a Snap Ad and targeted at a hyper-local audience.
Hyper-local Snap ads developed by Walmart.

The first of its kind program allows retailers to have a store presence on Snapchat to engage with a unique and important audience base. Now, retail locations will have a means of connecting with customers in any of their preferred social habitats, thereby increasing brand awareness, positive sentiment, and consumer experience.

Brand Networks launched the pilot program with national retailer Walmart, with a goal of optimizing a cross-platform social media mix that allows for localized social to increase both overall audience size and impressions totals. Moving forward, the provider will seek additional qualified partners with which to scale the functionality.

“Our retail partners are seeking ways to meet consumers where they are,” says Mike Garsin, Co-Founder & CEO at Brand Networks. “With this new technology solution, local stores can now engage their customers and drive sales with content that leverages Snapchat’s unique creative capabilities and can’t be replicated on any other social platform.”

Initial results from the pilot confirm that customers are open to engaging with stores on the local level, with CPMs of local targeted ads outperforming retail benchmarks by nearly 50%.

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