3 Reasons Advertisers Should be Excited about Playable Ads

Historically a primary driver for mobile gaming installs, Playable ads are starting to spread their wings, offering a next-level ad experience to all advertisers. A Playable for Moet & Chandon Champagne, for example, let users uncork a bottle. One for Reese’s likened itself to Pac-Man, while Hollister used the ad type to create a gaming experience where the character found “comfort amongst the crazy.” While the use cases differ, each of these campaigns had one thing in common: they weren’t aimed at app installs.

So, what’s driving the adoption?

Three factors: they’re immersive and mobile-first experiences, they’re capable of nurturing through unprecedented engagement, and they can even help your mimic the actions you want your customers to take in the real world.

Playables are Immersive and Mobile-First Experiences

According to a study from Deloitte, American consumers check their smartphones on average 52 times a day. 

Why does this matter? Because Playables, which are mobile-first experiences, take over the screen and completely immerse the user in a branded experience where they’re already spending their time with digital. To put this into perspective, the Playables campaign for Moet generated a total time spent of 725 hours. 

Playables Let You Retarget Meaningful Audiences

Advertising longevity revolves around scaling beyond your tried-and-true audiences. Yes, building rapport with people you already know is important, but so is creating new relationships with net-new contacts. Playables are uniquely positioned to help you do that by finding some of the most engaged audiences out there. 

Playables let you do that by letting you tap those who’ve raised their hands and said, “I’m interested.” Think about it: Anyone engaging with your Playable is spending considerably more time with your ad than traditional ads—that’s what Playables are designed to do. The more time someone spends with your Playable, the more brand awareness and consideration you create, which inherently leads to higher purchase intent. At the end of the day, Playables let you re-engage users who chose to engage and spend time with you, not ones who saw your ad for half-a-second while scrolling. 

Playables Mimic Real-World Outcomes

A decade ago, eyes on-screen were enough to justify ad spend. Today, you need more—you need your ads to work harder and drive your bottom line. Playable ads can do both because the achievements in the ads mimic real-world outcomes. Think about it: What does Moet actually want someone to do? Buy a bottle and drink it? What about Reese’s? Buy some and eat them. An expertly created Playable experience gets consumers to mimic the actions you want in real life.

Why is this important? By getting users to fulfill a real-world action, virtually, while spending considerably more time with your brand, you’ll increase the chances that they’ll interact with your brand in the real world. It’s human nature. In a world where real business results matter, this can’t be understated.  

Playables Case Study: Beverage Brand Turns to Playable Ads to Drive Engagement

A beverage brand teamed up with Brand Networks to get their audience more engaged with its content. The goal was to generate brand recall and purchase consideration. 

To help, Brand Networks’ creative team built a Playable ad tailored to the campaign’s goals. These gamified ads are designed to capture the audience’s attention and create an entertaining experience, increasing time spent with the brand, and driving brand affinity. The ads were delivered on brand-safe in-app inventory, such as the Daily Mail

To measure the impact of the campaign on consumer perception of the brand, we partnered with a third-party vendor to run a brand lift study. We sent the survey to two audiences: those exposed to the ad as well as a control group of consumers (with a similar profile), who hadn’t. The Playable ads also droves a 45% greater lift in brand consideration. Furthermore, the exposed users spent an average of 19 seconds, with an engagement rate of 26%. 


For years, Playables were primarily used by advertisers in the mobile gaming industry. Today, they offer so much more. Thanks to their ability to take advantage of our propensity for mobile use, mimic real-world outcomes, and to drive advertising longevity, Playables are shaping up to be an advertising vehicle built for the future. Are you on board?

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